BF series – single arm cranes

BEFARD BF cranes are a series of single arm, compact loader cranes designed for mounting on commercial vehicles and smallest trucks. Depending on a specific configuration, BEFARD cranes can be equipped with one, two or even three hydraulic extensions and also, additionally, in a manual extension. The increased number of extensions enables reaching longer distances while operating the machine.

BEFARD BF cranes are constructed on the basis of top quality components, supplied by leading European and American manufacturers. These are, among others, GALTECH directional control valves and PARKER strengthened hydraulic hoses.

BEFARD BF cranes have wide angle of rotation and long operational reach from 3,1m – 9,1m depending on a number of extensions.

BEFARD loading devices are adapted to difficult working conditions. The manufacturer makes every effort to make BEFARD BF cranes not only easy to use but also safe for the users. BEFARD equipment is equipped with double locks which secure extension actuator and spring blocks which prevent from uncontrolled slip of supporting beams.

The main advantage of BEFARD devices is their high lifting capacity. Even the smallest BF crane is able to lift, load and unload a standard euro pallet. BEFARD BF models are equipped with two support structures designed for work with even 3300 kg load.

For the power supply of BF BEFARD cranes, the following three options are available:

  • Power take-off port (PTO) mounted on the gearbox.
  • Electric power generator (power pack).
  • Power take-off port (PTO) mounted directly on the car engine.

If it is not technically possible to mount power take-off port (PTO), there are two solutions to be applied. A vehicle can be equipped with a power generator which has the main advantage of being able to be installed in every car model as long as you have enough space.

Unfortunately, electrical power supply puts a strain on a vehicle installation resulting in a faster consumption, e.g. battery consumption. The disadvantage of all kinds of electrical solutions available on the market is that such power supply can only work for a short period of time. That is usually about 10-15 minutes and only a few minutes in extremely adverse conditions. Moreover, electrical power supply has a poor resistance to changing weather conditions (humidity, frost, heat etc.)

Due to the disadvantages of electrical power supply, all BEFARD BF cranes can be powered directly from the engine (by the use of special power take-off port). Such type of power supply does not put a strain on the engine, is relatively cheap, does not take up space and is resistant to weather conditions because it is located under the car bonnet.

BEFARD BF series cranes meet the essential requirements of Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC and Directive 2004/108/EC.
The power take-off port (PTO) mounted directly on the car engine is the preferred option, fully developed and patented by BEFARD.


BEFARD BF 602 (PDF 635KB)- max lifting capacity per meter 600kg

BEFARD BF 802 (PDF 497KB)- max lifting capacity per meter 800kg

BEFARD BF 1602 (PDF 1218KB)- max lifting capacity per meter 1600kg

BEFARD BF 1802 (PDF 704KB)- max lifting capacity per meter 1800kg

BEFARD BF 2602 (PDF 875KB)- max lifting capacity per meter 2000kg

BEFARD BF 3402 (PDF 964KB)- max lifting capacity per meter 2400kg

BEFARD BF 4802 (PDF 889KB)- max lifting capacity per meter 2900kg

BEFARD BF 5002 (PDF 886KB)- max lifting capacity per meter 3300 kg

BEFARD BF 10002 (PDF 539KB)- max lifting capacity per meter 4450kg

BEFARD BF 12002 (PDF 539KB)- max lifting capacity per meter 4770kg