Ford Transit – a commercial vehicle manufactured since 1965. It is very economical in use thanks to efficient and economical engines. Therefore, BF and XF series cranes are the perfect choice for the users who appreciate both economical and durable equipment. BEFARD cranes are distinguished by high performance and low labour costs. As Ford Transit model is front-wheel drive, it is not possible to supply BEFARD crane through power take-off (PTO) mounted on the gearbox. Another way of supplying the crane is using power generator, however this kind of solution has many disadvantages. It puts a strain on electrical installation, can only work for a short period of time and has a poor resistance to changing weather conditions. BEFARD brand in-house developed solution is an alternative to unreliable electrical power supply. BEFARD cranes can be powered directly from the engine (by the use of special power take-off port). Such type of power supply does not put a strain on the engine, is relatively cheap, does not take up space and is resistant to weather conditions.