BEFARD Mercedes

Mercedes Sprinter – a family of heavy commercial vehicles and light trucks with permissible total weight up to 5 t, manufactured since 1995. The Sprinter model is extremely popular on Polish market. The high loading surface enables to transport maximum five euro pallets. Due to their strengthened construction and long arm outreach, BEFARD cranes are able to lift every standard euro pallet which is why Sprinter users frequently choose these cranes. Mercedes Sprinter is a rear-wheel drive, therefore there are three options of crane power supply. Mercedes allows to order a special version with the power take-off port (PTO) mounted on the gearbox. BEFARD cranes both in single-arm and all two-armed versions can be powered by PTO. Another way of supplying power is using power generator, unfortunately it puts a strain on electrical installation, can only work for a short period of time and has a poor resistance to changing weather conditions. BEFARD brand in-house developed solution is an alternative to unreliable electrical power supply. BEFARD cranes can be powered directly from the engine (by the use of special power take-off port). Such type of power supply does not put a strain on the engine, is relatively cheap, does not take up space and is resistant to weather conditions.