We offer renting of vacuum lifter used for assemblage, loading and unloading glazings, windows, sheetings, as well as, all other types of smooth surfaces.

Vacuum Device BEFARD XC 400

Vacuum device BEFARD XC 400 is reliable inside buildings, its width allows to get through usual doorways. Maximum lifting capacity is 400kg, vertical reach up to 3,5m allows for montage of virtually any kind of glazing or glass roof.  The device has a full hydraulic regulation of height, extent and pitch of the lifted object. Manual regulation allows to rotate the transported goods and set the potential angle, ex. window regarding the device. Enhanced wheels allow for unrestrained access on surfaces that are not entirely flat. BEFARD XC 400 device shortens the time necessary for loading, unloading and montage. It increases safety of the workers immensely, because it eliminates the necessity of manual lifting of heavy glazings.

glass vacuum lifter rent hire

Vacuum Device BEFARD XC 600

Vacuum Device BEFARD XP 600 is compatible with cranes of all brands. Its universality and simplicity of work makes the montage of glazings on heights easier and more enjoyable . The device is equipped with regulation of the pitch and regulation of rotation with blocking every 45 degrees. It has also an individual configuration  of the cups, without any need of specialized tools. The device is perfect for montage on significant heights, as well as, on loading and unloading  with use of cargo cranes. Maximum lifting capacity of 600kg is available on every height. Maximum working height depends on the type of crane to which the device is attached. Vacuum Device BEFARD XP 600 enables unloading the cargo off the vehicle and transport it immediately on the place of montage, even on height. The device enhances security and shortens the time of work.