Clamshell buckets

BEFARD offers clamshell buckets both for cranes and other loading devices. We are a supplier of buckets for loose buck cargo, ditching buckets, all-purpose buckets and buckets for cranes.

Basic models of BEFARD clamshell buckets:

BEFARD MS- scooping clamshell buckets used for loose bulk cargo. Those buckets can be used in construction branch, highway engineering, transport, industry, agriculture and forestry and they are also mounted on municipal and fire vehicles.

BEFARD MS clamshell bucket is also used for reloading transported materials.

BEFARD MSR – multifunctional clamshell buckets of all-purpose use. These type of buckets can be used as scooping buckets as well as multifunctional grapples. Multifunctional use of BEFARD MSR clamshell buckets is enabled by demountable sides.

BEFARD clamshell buckets are made of highest quality materials which guarantee their durability and long and failure-free work.

BEFARD has also wide experience in providing loading devices and equipment for special vehicles eg. fire trucks, ambulances and emergency vehicles.

The clamshell buckets as all BEFARD products meet all the norms of European Union and are covered by manufacturer’s warranty.

BEFARD Clamshell buckets Technical Brochure (PDF 768)