XF series – two-armed cranes

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BEFARD XF is a series of two-armed loader cranes designed for mounting on commercial vehicles (such as Iveco 50C15, Renault Mascot etc.) and smaller trucks (Mercedes Atego, Iveco Eurocargo etc.). Depending on a specific configuration, BEFARD cranes can be equipped with one, two, three or even four hydraulic extensions. The increased number of arms enables reaching longer distances while operating the machine.

BEFARD BF cranes are constructed on the basis of top quality components, supplied by renowned European and American manufacturers such as Galtech, Nordhydraulic, Parker, Rexroth Bosch Group, Schneider.

BEFARD cranes are characterized by robust construction and high usability.

Each of BEFARD XF cranes can be retrofitted with a wide range of work attachments such as:

  • buckets for loose bulk cargo;
  • ditching buckets;
  • all-purpose buckets;
  • excavators for cranes;
  • all-purpose grapples;
  • hydraulic and electrical winches;
  • hydraulic rotators;

Two-armed BEFARD XF cranes can be powered in two ways. The cranes mounted on smaller commercial vehicles are powered by power take-off port (PTO) mounted on the gearbox or the engine. In bigger trucks the device is powered in a standard way, by power take-off port (PTO) mounted on the gearbox.
BEFARD XF series cranes meet all the requirements of EU Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC and Directive 2004/108/EC.

BEFARD XF 1502 (PDF 543KB)- max lifting capacity 990kg/ max range 8,7m

BEFARD XF 1602 (PDF 717KB)- max lifting capacity 1800kg/ max range 9,1m

BEFARD XF 1700 (PDF 873KB)- max lifting capacity 2000kg/ max range 9,1m

BEFARD XF 2000 (PDF 917KB)- max lifting capacity 2250kg/ max range 9,15m

BEFARD XF 7202 (PDF 689KB)- max lifting capacity 3260kg/ max range 12,7m

BEFARD XF 8002 (PDF 819KB)- max lifting capacity 3820kg/ max range 12,65m

BEFARD XF 8502 (PDF 876KB)- max lifting capacity 4020kg/ max range 13,2m

BEFARD XF 9002 (PDF 941KB)- max lifting capacity 4110kg/ max range 12,65m

BEFARD XF 9502 (PDF 847KB)- max lifting capacity 4440kg/ max range 14,1m

BEFARD XF 10502 (PDF 845KB)- max lifting capacity 4770kg/ max range 14,1m

BEFARD XF 11002 (PDF 824KB)- max lifting capacity 5420kg/ max range 16,15m

BEFARD XF 12002 (PDF 871KB)- max lifting capacity 5420kg/ max range 16,15m